I’m passionate about shaping meaningful experiences by focusing on the big picture. My background is in photojournalism, graphic design and branding. Yet my experience outside of the visual arts as a successful, student-centered Waldorf teacher has truly honed my skills as translator, process thinker and leader.

My north star is helping people solve problems by bringing clarity and purpose. How? My design process is simple: listen closely, build quickly, test often, spin and repeat. Facilitating Design Sprints, conducting user tests and teaching students has shown me how data frames a problem, but empathy bridges crucial decision points to validate ideas and build better products.

I switched from education to design because I’m a creative at my core. Making beautiful things, asking smart questions, discovering patterns and connecting with people in meaningful ways are what motivate and give me purpose. Discovering UX design has connected the dots between who I am and what I can do. So let’s collaborate, strategize, story tell and solve puzzles together to create inspired and seamless user experiences.

Design for me is about people and solving puzzles. Making art is much more of a meditative process mixed with inspiration. I live where they overlap.

— Douglas Struble